How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands]


In this article, we will see how to use ticket discord bot and the different ticket bot commands. Discord is a cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. It allows users to create and join virtual "servers" where they can communicate with other users through voice, text, and video. Discord also has a robust set of features for organizing and moderating conversations, including the ability to create and manage channels within a server, as well as the option to use custom emojis and integrations with other apps and services.

Bots in Discord are automated programs that can perform a variety of tasks, such as sending messages, playing music, and moderating conversations. Bots are created and owned by users and can be invited to join servers where they have the necessary permissions. Some popular uses for bots in Discord include playing music, providing information and resources, and automating tasks such as assigning roles or welcoming new users to a server.


How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands]

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands]

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Ticket bot is a type of Discord bot that allows users to create and manage support tickets within a Discord server. With Ticket bot, users can create a new ticket by using a specific command in a Discord channel, and then receive updates and notifications about the status of the ticket through direct messages or in a designated ticket channel. Staff members can then respond to these tickets, and moderate the server effectively by managing tickets which have been arranged into categories and subjects by Ticket bot.


Ticket Bot Features

Ticket bot has certain advanced features that allow it to be more functional than any other bots out there. The great customizability that it provides makes it very distinct amongst its competitors. Ticket Bot features an advanced admin dashboard, where you can customize the bot to fit your exact needs. It is an intuitive and manageable system, with the opportunity to create custom permissions, custom messages etc. The dashboard also provides you with helpful information regarding active tickets, average completion time of tickets and average response time of tickets, which can be really helpful when analyzing the performance of your discord community.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 2

Moreover, you can have messages in whitelisted channels after a set amount of time. It also has a list of premium features such as the ability to auto tag a user once their ticket has been answered, or for further convenience even tag staff members when a user replies to the response on a ticket so they can keep track of the conversation and respond accordingly.

Ticket Discord bot is a useful tool that has several unique features to help with ticket management. One such feature is the ability for users to create subjects when creating tickets. This helps staff easily understand the purpose of the ticket and provides a clear overview of the topic. These subjects can be organized into categories, which is especially useful for efficiently managing a large number of tickets.

Another useful feature of Ticket Discord bot is the ticket creation panel. This panel allows users to create custom messages or embeds with buttons that can be used to open tickets. These buttons can be customized and linked to specific subjects, giving users the ability to choose which subject the bot should use when a button is clicked. The panel can be created in the bot's dashboard, and it is a simple and convenient way to create and customize buttons for opening tickets.

All in all, these features are that the bot boasts are very unique and will help you manage your community very efficiently and effectively. Overall, Ticket bot can be a useful tool for server administrators and moderators, as well as for enhancing the user experience on a Discord server.

Are you ready to supercharge your server with Ticket Discord bot? This amazing tool can help you manage and organize tickets like never before! Inviting the bot to your server is simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined below, and you'll be up and running in no time. And once the bot is on your server, you'll have access to a wide range of commands that will help you get the most out of this incredible tool.


How to Invite Ticket Discord Bot

  • The first step is to invite the ticket bot from official website by clicking on Invite the bot option as shown below.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 3

  • Once you clicked on “Invite the Bot”, it will lead you to the next page where it will ask you to choose your discord server where you would like to invite the Bot. This will allow developer of ticket bot to create commands in the server. Click on Continue to proceed.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 4

  • Once you clicked on continue, you will be asked to grant Ticket Bot all the below permissions on your discord server. Click on Authorize to grant and proceed.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 5

  • Finally you need to click on “I am human” check box as shown below.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 6

  • It will successfully authorize and add the bot to your Server. You can now close the below window.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 7

Now that the bot is added to your server, you will need to get a hang of a few commands that will ensures that you will be able to interact with the bot properly. We will see the list of ticket bot commands below that you can use to its full potential. You can also now log in to the bot’s admin dashboard on and you should be able to enter into “Staff Mode” in the top left corner, right below your Discord username. If you do not see the option to select server, make sure that Ticket Bot is in your server. If it is, you should simply log out and login again to fix it.


Ticket Bot Commands

  • /ticket: This command allows users to create a new ticket and if the server uses subjects, you can define the subject with /ticket. Staff can also create tickets for other users, by tagging them last in the command.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 8

  • /close: The command allows users to close the ticket/channel they are currently in. This can be useful for ending a conversation or resolving an issue. If you want to specify a time for the ticket to close, you can use the /close command followed by a time. Staff members also have the ability to force close tickets using the /forceclose command. This will close the ticket regardless of whether the user responds. This can be useful in certain situations where it is necessary to close the ticket immediately.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 9

  • /add: This command adds users to tickets. Added users can both read and write in tickets and get access to view the ticket on the web panel.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 10

  • /remove: This command allows you to remove a previously added user from the ticket. To remove user1 from a ticket, use /remove @user1 command.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 11

  • /claim: This command allows a staff member to claim tickets. When a ticket is claimed, only the staff who claimed it can answer.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 12

  • /sticky: This command allows users to make a sticky ticker, which can only be closed manually by a staff member. Neither ticket owners nor any automated way can close ticket marked as sticky.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 13

  • /subject: This command allows users to change the subject of a ticket.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 14

  • /rename: This command allows staff to rename the tickets.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 15

  • /bind: This command allows users to bind a ticket to a specific category.

How to Use Ticket Discord Bot [Ticket Bot Commands] 16

  • /priority: This command allows users to add a visible priority to the ticket. The ticket channel will be prefixed by an icon. The different priorities are Low(green), Medium(yellow) and High(red).

These are all the commands that are available for Ticket bot. These commands gives you the flexibility and ability to interact with ticket discord bot and perform certain important tasks like creating new tickets, changing the name, and subject of the ticket, adding users to it etc.



To summarize, the Ticket Discord bot helps users and the staff of a discord server to communicate effectively in regard to resolving issues that the users might have done through support tickets for example. It can be useful for streamlining the support process in a Discord server, effectively saving lot of time and resources for other tasks.

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