What Is JavaScript and What It Can Do ?


JavaScript is a lightweight programming language utilized by a variety of websites to script their web pages. JavaScript can enable dynamic interactivity on web pages when used in HTML documents.

Moreover, it aids users in building modern web applications that interact with users directly, without reloading the web page each time. JavaScript is widely used to modify HTML and CSS dynamically to refresh user interfaces using an API called the DOM API. In this guide, we have gathered a piece of information to tell you in detail what JavaScript can do with the help of Mediacom Internet.

What Is JavaScript and What It Can Do ?

JavaScript is utilized in every sector to develop all kinds of software. We will examine the applications of this software in mobile and web applications, mobile games, and many more.

App development for mobile and the web

Developers can make use of various JavaScript frameworks to develop mobile and web applications. JavaScript frameworks consist of JavaScript programming libraries that offer developers already written code to build routine programming features and work tasks. It is essentially a framework where you can create websites or web-based applications.

Angular, React Native, and Vue is the most well-known JavaScript front-end frameworks. A lot of companies utilize Node.js as which is a JavaScript runtime environment based upon Google's JavaScript V8 engine. Famous examples include Netflix, Paypal, Uber, and LinkedIn!


JavaScript can also be employed to develop games. It includes a range of frameworks and libraries to make games. The game could be 2D as well as 3D. Certain JavaScript game engines like PhysicsJS and Pixi.js help us to develop a web-based game. You can also make use of webGL (graphic web library), which can be described as the JavaScript API that renders 3D and 2D images on browsers.

Security of the Browser

Each tab in a browser has a separate bucket to run code. These buckets are known as "Execution Environments," as they are referred to in the technical sense. This implies that, in the majority of cases, the code running in each tab runs independent of the other, and the code running in one tab is not able to directly impact the code running in a different tab or even on a different website. This is a great security option if this is not working; hackers could begin creating code to steal data on the websites of other companies, as well as other similar bad things.

Web Servers

A web server is built employing Node.js. Node.js is event-driven, and it never waits for the response of prior calls. Servers created with Node.js are extremely fast and do not utilize buffering or transfer large chunks of data. The HTTP module can build the server using this CreateServer method. This method runs when someone attempts to access port 8080. As a result of this, the HTTP server should display HTML. The HTTP server will display HTML and be included within the HTTP header.


Virtual reality is becoming a thing, and it is getting more popular since devices such as those the Oculus Rift as well as Valve Index have made it easier to access. You can now use JavaScript to develop apps for both. A-Frame is a well-known JavaScript framework that is used to create virtual reality experiences for web browsers.

Front-end web development

Front-end programmers make use of JavaScript to design the components of a page that visitors can view and interact with through their browsers. When used in front-end applications, JavaScript makes web pages interactive and dynamic. It validates forms for submission and updates specific elements of the page but does not update the entire page.

It also shows menus and hides them, and showcases animations. JavaScript works when you click on a button on a site, and a side panel appears as a pop-up modal.

Back-end web development

JavaScript is also popular among back-end developers. The process is also called developer-side; it involves writing the web server's software. When used to build back-end processing, its Node.js framework allows servers to handle front-end data updates and create scalable network applications to handle multiple user requests.

Node.js is also a JavaScript framework that is commonly used to develop back-end applications. Hence, it is common for back-end JavaScript developers to identify themselves as Node.js developers.

Artificial Intelligence

JavaScript can also be utilized to create artificial intelligence. Libraries offer the potential of machine learning to JavaScript developers. Developers can use these libraries to build machine-learning models that can predict future events based on past data and categorize data as well as images.


JavaScript is not only a programming language anymore, it can be utilized to create cool effects for web browsers. This highly regarded and powerful language has been able to climb to the top of popular charts over the last three decades.

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