31+ Important Helm Charts Interview Questions and Answers

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In this session, we will go through 30+ Important Helm Charts Interview Questions and Answers. As you probably know Helm Charts provides easy deployment of Applications in Kubernetes Cluster. This makes it as a very important topic for Kubernetes based Interviews. You will often find lots of Helm Charts Interview Questions as well in those Interviews. Hence it is absolutely necessary for an interviewee to have complete understanding of the type of questions that can be asked. I have tried to cover all those important helm charts interview questions in below sections.

25+ Important Helm Charts Interview Questions and Answers

Important Helm Charts Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What does chart.yaml file contains ?

Ans. It contains a chart description.

2. How to insert a release name into YAML template ?

Ans. {{.Release.Name}}


3. How to test the template rendering in Helm without installing anything ?

Ans. helm install --debug --dry-run ./testchart

4. How does the basic structure of Helm Chart looks like ?

Ans. It looks like below:-


5. What is the command to create a Helm chart ?

Ans. helm create <chart-name>

6. How to Inspect a values file in Helm Chart ?

Ans. helm inspect values


7. Which default file is used to pass the values in Helm Chart ?

Ans. values.yaml

8. How to show all the available charts from Artifact Hub ?

Ans. helm search hub

9. How to show "wordpress" charts from local repository ?

Ans. helm search repo wordpress

10. How to Install or upgrade helm ?

Ans. helm upgrade --install <release name> --values <values file> <chart directory>

11. How to Check if there is any error in the Helm Chart ?

Ans. helm lint ./<chart-name>

12. Which function returns file bodies as a YAML Map ?

Ans. Files.AsConfig

13. Which Function can be used to iterate over the Line in a File ?

Ans. Files.Lines

14. Which field provides information about Kubernetes Cluster Capabilities ?

Ans. Capabilities

15. Which is having the higher precedence between --set option and default values.yaml file ?

Ans. --set is having higher precedence over default values.yaml file.

16. Can we declare more than one livenessProbe handler ?

Ans. No

17. Which function can be used to quote the Strings ?

Ans. quote function

18. Which function can be used to repeat the String a given number of times ?

Ans. repeat function

19. How to make sure a default value is used in the template in case the given value is Omitted ?

Ans. By providing a default value through default function.

20. Which file is used to pass all static chart values ?

Ans. values.yaml

21. Which function can be used to lookup resources in a running cluster ?

Ans. lookup function

22. What is the return type of lookup function ?

Ans. A dictionary function

23. Which of the Helm commands does not contact Kubernetes API ?

Ans. helm install | update | delete | rollback --dry-run

24. Which function takes a list of values and returns the first non-empty one ?

Ans. coalesce function.

25. Which function can be used to remove white space from both sides of the string ?

Ans. trim function. More on Helm Chart Official Documentation.

26. What will be the output of below helm function ?

repeat 3 "hello"

Ans. hellohellohello

27. How to download and look at the files for a published chart without installing it ?

Ans. helm pull chartrepo/chartname

28. What are the different types of Charts ?

Ans. There are two types of Charts: Application and Library.

29. What will be the default chart type if we do not use "type" field ?

Ans. Application Chart

30. Can an application chart be used as a Library Chart ?

Ans. Yes

31. How to Use Application Chart as Library Chart ?

Ans. This can be done by setting the type to "library".

32. Which of the different fields needs to be specified for dependencies ?

Ans. There are three fields required for dependencies:-

a) name

b) version

c) repository

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