How to Call a JS Function in HTML on Your Computer


How to Call a JS Function in HTML on Your Computer

HTML and CSS allow users to display static information interactively on a webpage. By pairing HTML with Javascript, you can implement complex elements on the website page. So you can display animated graphics (2D or 3D), visual maps, and video jukeboxes, to name a few, on your webpage to make it more intuitive. 

So, if you want to learn how to call a JS function in HTML, the article is for you. 


Using the Script Tag

The script tags are quite simple and useful ways to add javascript when there are not that many lines of code in your JS function. You need to develop and define a function between the tags in the head of the HTML document. Later, you need to invoke the function in the body section of your HTML code. 

To understand this in a better way, <script> tag is placed inside the <head> section of the <body> tag. However, if you want to run the script at a particular point of time within the document’s layout, such as when using document.write, just place the tag at the right place within the <body> section. 


Inline in the HTML

How to Call a JS Function in HTML on Your Computer 2

With the Inline method, the JS function is defined inside the body section of a function. For example, you can use this method to change the color of the border in an image when you hover over it. This may not be the best way to call a JavaScript function from an HTML project. It can expand the functioning of the code to a broader level. 

The reason why using JavaScript inline in the HTML is not much recommended is that both languages are developed in entirely different eras. Today, we have version releases and architectural setups for both languages; they have evolved beyond their original scope. So, using JS inline in the HTML may not be the best practice. 


External Files 

Out of the three methods that explain how to call a JS function in HTML, this is the most preferred one. The coder defines scripts in a separate file. Further, the src attribute of the <script> tag is used in the head section of the HTML coding file to link the file. You need to set the file to text/javascript. External javascript files will be saved with the js extension. 

One of the benefits of using separate JavaScript files is that separating Javascript code and HTML markup will make both files more effective and straightforward. Web pages usually load quickly when JS files are cached. Moreover, maintaining or updating code becomes easier in comparison to other strategies.  

But why do we need to use JavaScript with HTML ? Although calling JS in the HTML is easy, can’t we use HTML with CSS to make web pages more dynamic ?


Why JavaScript With HTML ?

How to Call a JS Function in HTML on Your Computer 3

Programmers use JavaScript to create dynamic and intuitive web pages that can attract readers and display the brand message interactively. JavaScript is widely used to develop mobile apps and browsers. It is one of the most used languages globally; its popularity continues to grow at a rapid pace. 

JavaScript is a versatile language that programmers can use for a variety of applications such as software programs, servers, and controllers, to name a few. If you are a programmer, you must be creating long codes, particularly if you are working on gaming apps. Make sure to take a break if you feel that your Windows computer or Mac is overheating or showing other signs of decreased performance or various technical issues.

Modern web browsers adhering to standard display guidelines support JS through built-in engines without installing additional plugins. JavaScript must load alongside HTML when working with web files. This can either be done through script tags or inline within an HTML document. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using Javascript with HTML.

  • Add interactive behavior to the web pages 
  • Display objects and animations more dynamically
  • Zoom in and zoom out an image
  • Display a count-down or a timer on the website
  • Slide through a catalog of images or items on the page
  • Change the color of the button by hovering on it
  • Play video and audio on a web page

So, these were some quick insights into the advantages of using JavaScript. Another benefit is that you can create web and mobile apps by using JavaScript functions and frameworks. You can even develop web servers and server applications using the programming language. Moreover, JavaScript is highly used in developing browser games. 


The Conclusion

JavaScript is native to web browsers, and a low threshold makes it easier for programmers to get started. Not only is it one of the most popular programming languages, but fun to learn. So, if you plan to develop a website in HTML, try to pair it with JavaScript to get an intuitive outcome packed with features and functions.

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