5 Easy Steps to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04


In this article, we will go through 5 Easy Steps to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04. If you are a Developer or Programmer or a Software Engineer then you might be aware of free source-code editor Visual Studio code. It is available for almost all kinds of platforms and is primarily used for writing intelligent source codes, debugging errors and syntax highlighting. It is one of the most popular developer environment tool currently in use.

5 Easy Steps to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04

Steps to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04

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Step 1: Prerequisites

a) You should have a running Ubuntu 20.04 Server.

b) You should have sudo or root access to run privileged commands.

c) You should have snap utility installed in your Server.

Step 2: Update Your Server

First let's synchronize all the installed packages with the latest available updates from Ubuntu Repo using apt update command as shown below. This will download and install all the stable releases from remote repo.

root@localhost:~# apt update
Hit:1 focal InRelease
Get:2 focal-updates InRelease [114 kB]
Get:3 focal-backports InRelease [101 kB]
Get:4 focal-security InRelease [114 kB]
Get:5 stable InRelease [7,343 B]
Get:6 focal InRelease [17.5 kB]
Get:7 focal-updates/main i386 Packages [499 kB]
Get:8 stable/main amd64 Packages [5,963 B]
Get:9 focal-updates/main amd64 Packages [1,077 kB]


Step 3: Install Visual Studio Code as Snap

Next step is to install Visual Studio code as a snap. This can be easily accomplished by using snap install --classic code command as shown below. More on Visual Studio Code official website.

root@localhost:~# snap install --classic code
code 507ce72a from Visual Studio Code (vscode*) installed

After installing vss snap successfully, you can now go to Activities and Search Visual Studio Code to start the application.

5 Easy Steps to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04 2

Step 4: Upgrade Visual Studio Code Snap

If you want to use the latest version then you can upgrade VSS Snap by using snap refresh code command as shown below. Since here we have already installed the latest version so it does not find any further updates to install.

root@localhost:~# snap refresh code
snap "code" has no updates available


Step 5: Uninstall Visual Studio Code

Once you are done with the Visual Studio Code application, you can simply uninstall by using snap remove code command as shown below.

root@localhost:~# snap remove code
code removed

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