Why You Should Use CAPTCHA Proxies Services ?


Using proxies is a no-brainer for true sneakerheads, but there are some proxy subtypes that aren’t so well known. Without them, you’re missing out on a great chance to increase efficiency and improve your chances of getting them successfully.

One such type is CAPTCHA proxies. Below we will cover what they are, why you should use them, and whether any alternatives can replace them.



What are CAPTCHA proxies ?

Proxies act as intermediaries between you and the internet, so you can access online content without connecting to a website or application directly. First, you connect to the proxy server and only then to the target website. Using proxies keeps your anonymity by hiding your device's IP address.

IP (which stands for Internet Protocol) address is a special string of numbers uniquely identifying every device that sends or receives data. Websites can know your internet service provider (ISP) and location with your IP address, which allows them to track you and trigger a CAPTCHA test if they suspect the use of a bot.


That is where proxies come in. A good proxy service will allow you to rotate several different quality IP addresses, so it always seems that many different devices are connecting to the website. The CAPTCHA test will be triggered less frequently and your bot will work with fewer interruptions.

However, the problem is that proxies only lower the probability of CAPTCHAs, so they will still appear for your bot. So, if we can’t avoid them, we will need to beat them at their own game, and that’s what CAPTCHA proxies help us achieve.


CAPTCHA proxies are a special type of sneaker proxies designed to help you get only the easiest, one-click CAPTCHAs. While ordinary sneaker proxies are developed not to attract attention while your bot purchases sneakers, CAPTCHA proxies help you build a reputable internet presence to avoid CAPTCHAs.

If we want to learn about CAPTCHA proxies, we must understand why they are more helpful to sneakerheads to deal with CAPTCHAs than anything else is. For this, we must look into how CAPTCHAs work and what we can do with CAPTCHA proxies to stay ahead of the game.



CAPTCHA proxies help to build online reputation

CAPTCHA is an acronym meaning ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. The first CAPTCHA was created back in 1997 as a means of restricting the usage of spam bots and other malware on the world wide web.

Fast forward ten years and the fight against bots was continued by Google. They started to improve this method by adding many test variations and integrating their own reCAPTCHA with other approaches. What's important here is that the reliability of the visitor's Google account started to play a role.

Visitors unknown to Google are more likely to face a more difficult CAPTCHA test, usually in a photo puzzle form. However, those trusted by Google may only need to tick one box. It is unfair, but it gives sneakerheads an effective loophole.

If you want an easy way out of CAPTCHAs, earn the trust of Google. While we don't know all the criteria that Google use, these factors seem to help build trust:

  • Accounts age. The older the account, the more reliable it is. Don’t rush to copping right away.
  • Account creation method. The best way is to create accounts manually. If you don’t have so much time, research your methods as some of them can draw attention.
  • Sign-in IP address. Don't create too many accounts with the same IP and check whether it isn’t already blocked.
  • Account usage. After you create an account, proceed with some ordinary activity. A good practice is to watch some videos on Youtube and search for unrelated topics on Google.

CAPTCHA proxies can help you to meet these criteria by providing IP addresses to create Google accounts and perform human-like actions. Sneaker proxies should be saved for that special occasion when you purchase sneakers, as they are ban free on sneaker sites. CAPTCHA proxies, on the other hand, only need three features:-

  • Be unblocked on Google and Youtube
  • Good performance
  • Cheap

Most of what you will do with CAPTCHA proxies will happen on Google, so it is important that they are ban-free. Most actions, such as streaming Youtube, will require a lot of data transferred quickly and cheaply. Therefore, datacenter proxies are the best as CAPTCHA proxies.

They are created in bulk and maintained in advanced data centers, which makes them the fastest proxy type. Also, datacenter proxies are often priced per IP, so you won't need to worry about the bandwidth you use. Good CAPTCHA proxy providers also test the proxies to be ban-free and perform well on Google.


Other methods of avoiding CAPTCHAs

There are quite a few other methods of avoiding CAPTCHAs. The most obvious one is to solve the CAPTCHAs yourself. It is a viable option if your sneaker copping gig is small and you have spare time. The problem is that you will have to be quick, and it gets more demanding with every new CAPTCHA.

Some experiment with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems that scan web pages and documents for text to be recognized, copied, and typed. Many automation tools include OCR functions to solve CAPTCHAs. However, it still has a shaky success rate and requires some investment.

Most sneaker bots can be integrated with CAPTCHA solving services. The exact mechanism behind them is unclear. Some use OCR systems, while others hire people to solve your CAPTCHA. The success rates can be great, but prices are significant for those services that do not disappoint.

All these methods will still require you to use CAPTCHA proxies. If not for reputation building, then for keeping your automated CAPTCHA solver well hidden.



While CAPTCHA proxies can be defined as a subtype of sneaker proxies, they have a separate function. They are definitely a worthy inclusion to your copping toolbox. All other methods of bypassing CAPTCHAs are only supplementary.

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