What Is the Most Profitable NFT to Buy This Year: Top New Collections to Follow


There are hundreds of trending NFT collections that bring their creators million dollars in the form of cryptocurrency weekly and top NFT art blog posts and ratings. Still, not all of them make it till the next year and remain the biggest stars.

So, if you plan to invest in NFTs or just explore this sphere more, read the best NFT blog posts in credible sources to be in the know before buying. Here we will reveal some nice new collections that bring immense profit.

What You Should Know about Top Collections: Read Best NFT Blog and News Articles

If the number of emerging NFT projects seems overwhelming to you and you don’t know what to start with, we’d like to introduce a few worthy projects to have a look at and discover why they are likely to retain relevance.

For full info on these and other collections, read top NFT art blog posts, for example, on the platform and find out which popular NFTs are still available for buying in the best NFT blog articles and news.

1. Silks.

This collection is dedicated to the blockchain game that contains race horses which are game characters and NFTs at the same time. They are like Pegaxy – another racing-themed game with flying horses. Avatars for Silks Genesis take the #15 place in the top of sports collections on the OpenSea marketplace and similar platforms.

The collection relies on a big fan base and is resilient to extreme market volatility.

2. Town Star.

As another collection linked to the gameplay, this one is much sought after because of the simple and effective P2E mechanism allowing users to create farms and earn rewards in crypto coin equivalents.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club.

This one needs no presentation. Of course, the fabled collection is talked about in a lot of best NFT blog posts, as many of its pieces were owned by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon. But this alone doesn’t make it valuable: each NFT acts as a ticket to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where members get perks.

4. VeeFriends.

This set is especially worthy because here, each NFT is also a key to the author’s world. Moreover, they sell well because each refers to a personality trait the artist values the most and has a broad social reference. In fact, some of these offer incredible benefits, such as 3-year access to the famous VeeCon – conference for web3, pop culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

As you can see, a lot of these tokens are centered around the idea of limitless growth and the expression of beauty in technology. They give a number of real-world use cases, remain relevant because of what messages artists render, and are based on a close-knit community. That’s why they remain in the best NFT blog articles and don’t seem to lose in the price they are selling for.

To find more info on each, read the best NFT blog posts available at resources such as Feel free to explore this website for best NFT blog posts to see chart ratings, fresh info on prices and sales, and new collection announcements in best NFT blog posts. This makes it easier to make decisions and buy worthy digital stuff.

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