What does a person who wants to start programming need to know?


Learn the important things that you should know if you want to become a programmer. What do you need to become successful in your programming journey? Are you thinking of becoming a programmer? If so, then let us examine the basics. Here, we will explore what programming is and what to do to start learning programming.


What is Programming?

Programming or coding is one’s ability to write commands or indications in a particular language or different languages, that can be understood and followed by the computer. You might be thinking that this is so powerful, right?


But, why should you care about programming? In this digital age, coding or programming is important. Aside from making your resume look appealing, it can also boost your valuable skills such as logic and problem-solving. When you are learning how to program, you are exercising the left part of your brain, it means that you are getting your brain in shape!


Is Learning How to Program Difficult?

Although programming is not difficult, however, it requires more practice and time. To be an excellent, competent programmer, you should learn how to create products. Aside from knowing how to write the code or remembering the theory. Unfortunately, most courses failed to incorporate this essential part. That is why it is not surprising that most people easily get frustrated and give up so soon.



Does Programming Require A Lot of Math?

No, not really. The fact is, programming does not actually require too much math. The most important thing is you must know the logic of the language and the theory of math that build the basis of code. Most often, you don’t even have to write code that requires math, but rather you will be using a built-in function or a library so that your algorithms can work.


What are the Things You Need?

Some people think that a fancy computer will be needed in learning how to code. When you browse the web, you can find so much advice about this topic. But the truth is, any decent computer will do as long as it has enough memory. Even if your laptop is not-so-new, it can still work.


As a programmer, you will be online most of the time and you will be working with sensitive data. Anyone can benefit from using a VPN, however, it is handy if you are programming and there is an ExpressVPN built for that. By having this added security, you can guarantee that you are protecting client data. With a VPN, you can test websites and research competitors from other countries.

Do you need a lot of screens when you are programming? Most probably, you have seen some programmers that are using two or three monitors. Since you are still starting, you can try using only one. However, as you go along and discover that you are getting serious with your coding, you can easily determine how many screens you will need to become a satisfied coder (It is recommended to have at least two).



What Software Do You Need?

For saving your code, you will need Git and GitHub. GitHub is just similar to Instagram or Facebook for programmers. While the local part of GitHub is Git (which can be found on your computer). You will also need a code editor such as Visual Studio Code. A code editor can help you in writing code faster. Although code editors are just like text editors, however, they have additional features that can help you in managing and editing your code.


What are the Other Requirements?

It is important that you have a lot of patience. Just give yourself some time so you can learn and digest everything. Perhaps you might also need a mentor, a boot camp, or a course or you could get a programming scholarship. It would be great if there is somebody that can guide you in the right direction, especially if you are beginning to like coding.


Building Patience Can Help You Becoming a Successful Programmer

Patience means that you can take blows and still be able to stand up. If you have patience, then you will be ready for any disappointments. Patience can also help you in becoming a better problem-solver, and enhance your knowledge of computers.

Keep in mind that computer concepts can be complicated. Hence, it requires patience, resilience, and hard work. Most often, as a beginner, you have a lot of expectations on your programming journey. Remember that you don’t have all the power since you are just starting. Sometimes too much optimism can be dangerous. That is why a lot of beginners give up too quickly due to incorrect expectations. To avoid this, you must try to build patience, and focus on your end goal.

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