How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

In this article, I will take you through the steps to install Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04. Nginx, pronounced eNgineEx, a web server developed by Igor Sysoev in 2002. It was officially released in 2004. According to the Official Nginx Website, it is defined as an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and ... Read more

Top 12 Nginx Commands Every Linux Admin Should Know

In this article, I will take you through top 10 Nginx commands which is important for every Linux Admin using Nginx Server. As per Nginx Wiki, NGINX is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. NGINX is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, ... Read more

Top 10 Ping Command Examples in Linux

In this tutorial, I will take you through Best Ping Command in Linux. Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network. It is abbreviated as "Packet Internet Groper". It is available for virtually all operating systems that have networking capability, including most ... Read more

How to Create a Network Bonding/Teaming in RedHat/CentOS 7

In this tutorial, I will take you through the steps to create a network bonding/teaming in Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7 allows administrators to bind multiple network interfaces together into a single, bonded, channel. Channel bonding enables two or more network interfaces to act as one, simultaneously increasing the bandwidth and providing redundancy. Network ... Read more

10 Best brctl Command Examples in Linux

In this article, we will look at the top 10 best Linux brctl command examples for Ethernet Network Bridge. brctl command used for ethernet bridges. When you have multiple ethernet interfaces on your server and want to combine and present them as single entity then you need to use the concept of ethernet bridges. For ... Read more

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